The Teknikor Advantage

The most obvious advantages of our unified services are seamless coordination, efficient communication and a keen understanding of the critical dependencies between them. Equally important to success is the sense of shared accountability and deep responsibility each and every one of us feels to the rest of the team.

By taking this holistic approach, Teknikor is evolving our entire industry forward.  By inventing a new service delivery model, we’ve raised customer expectations of how to design, construct and manage efficient plants and buildings and their critical systems. In fact, ours is such a different approach, there’s no single industry word or phrase that accurately defines it.

However, there’s no question of what Teknikor is known for.  We make our customers shake their heads and wonder:  How did they bring this job in on time?  How did they do it on budget?  How did they figure out what all the other “experts” said couldn’t be done?  How did they do it?